A few weeks ago, we hosted Airtel at the Nailab for The Experience. It was an interactive session and they got to shed some light on what the Airtel Trace Music Stars competition is all about. On Thursday 27th November, we will once again be hosting Airtel at the Nailab from 6.00pm. This time the focus will be on their partnership with Facebook to bring Internet .Org to Kenya.

Internet.Org is a global partnership with 6 global telecommunications companies that will have the ultimate goal of making internet access available to the other 5 billion people on the planet. These companies have partnered to bring internet connectivity to the remaining population outside of the 2.7 billion connected folks, the ultimate aim is to offer everyone similar opportunities to access the net. The project focuses on making access to the internet more affordable and allowing people to use data more efficiently.

Airtel Kenya and aim to speed up the rate at which internet access is spreading across the globe. They want to help more Kenyans have access to the internet at faster speeds and know how to use data more efficiently.
We invite you to join us and learn how mobile businesses are set to grow from this partnership. You will also get to find out how internet is going to be more accessible across the country.