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Not all blog posts will create a buzz and have people discussing them. Most times the post you think will generate no interest is the one that will have people talking for hours and get the most views. It’s nto and easy fete and very few bloggers can publish posts that create a buzz on a regular basis. Opinion pieces and personal experiences will generally create a buzz but it’s usually short lived as the relevance of the post may die down soon.

Here are a few posts that create a buzz


Such posts are always interesting. The reason why they interest people has to do with the imagery used. People generally relate better to visual content than a lengthy post. Infographics are becoming more popular and it’s time more bloggers considered doing such posts. It wil take less time and in some cases concentration to read an infographic. It captures the important information and isn’t full of too much jargon which is often the case with written content. They generate a buzz as people easily get the facts and can discuss them while quoting the post. They don’t have to re-read a post to share information about it.


Most people who read blogs are looking for news, or answers to their problems. They need you as the blogger to help them get solutions. To find out which topics to cover, do a keyword search. Find out what people are searching for and centre your topic around that.  Give a detailed step-by-step guide on solving an issue or fixing something. Generalize it so it can apply to your audience and you’ll have it being a popular post on your blog for days on end.

Numbered lists

Most of the posts that get people talking especially on social media as listicals. When you right a post based on a list, people will talk. It’s either they agree with your list or disagree with it, either way they will talk and read your blog over and over again. Lists should be short and straight to the point. Always number them according to importance and lt them be a quick way to get information out there.

There are several posts that wil get people reading your blog a lot and talking about it online. These are jus the few guaranteed to create a huge buzz if you choose your topic well. Go ahead and try it, you’ll see your blog getting more visits in a short while.

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