Rapid Communications Value Added Services Manager

Rapid communications, a telecommunications solution provider in Kenya introduced three online products into the ever growing mobile market, including a social media app, a live streaming service and an online directory service. This was done at an event we hosted at the Nailab on Tuesday 4th November. The event was moderated by Njeri Wangari who guided the conversation keeping everyone on track with what was to be covered.

Mr. Aninda, Rapid Communications VAS Manager started off by discussing Vooka online. Vooka allows users to stream their favourite TV programs on-the-go through their phones, play games as well as watch and download their favourite music videos.

Vooka was first launched last year and has made available only TV channels provided for by StarTimes through a partnership with the Pay TV Company. We were informed that RCL has reached out to have channels from other media included in the service.

Vook is available on Android and iOS as well as Symbian which will be coming later. Windows phone users cannot access the service. Users wanting to download their favourite videos from the Vooka Online site will be charged a fee of KSh 10 per every download on the Safaricom network. Plans to launch on other networks are underway.

We also got to know more about TuAsk which is an online directory that allows people to find businesses close to them by providing the customer with directions to them.

Access TuAsk is free as long as you are connected to the internet, but if you need to access the service and have no internet connection, a helpline is available. The call service option will cost you Kshs. 10 per minute.

Getting a buisness listed on the site is free, though businesses will have to pay to advertise. The directory covers all aspects of business including electronics, accommodation, beauty salons, car yards, real estates, and even where to get movies among others.

RCL also took the opportunity to introduce their social media app, Elefone. Elefone could be considered a hybrid of all the social media platforms we currently enjoy. It incorporates voice calls, text messaging and group chats which features a push-to-talk feature.

It works similarly to WhatsApp as users need their phone numbers to register. They also get a confirmation code sent to them upon registration. Users also get to enjoy making one-one calls at no charge.

The app is available for devices running on Google’s Android operating system as well as Apple’s iOS, with plans to launch a design for Nokia devices running on Symbian. It is not available for windows phone devices.