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Do you think smooth skin is something you can’t have? I used to think the same thing for quite some it me. I would religiously use moisturizers but I never held any hope that they would actually work. It took years before I finally found out that smooth skin is not only about what oils and creams you use. It’s not just about the spa treatments where you use all types of scrubs to cleanse your skin. It also has to do with what you eat.

Your diet can affect your skin as the contents of the food work form the inside out on your skin. Getting smooth skin can be so simple if you switch to eating healthy and adjust your diet. Here are a few foods you should eat more if you want to improve your skin.

Sunflower seeds

Many people might not know this, but sunflower seeds are a great source of vitamin E which protects your skin from sunrays. Sunflowers are quite tasty and shouldn’t be froened upon. You can enjoy them with your salds, cereal and oatmeal or just eat them plain.


I can see the frowns and skepticism already. Yes chocolate; dark chocolate to be precise is healthy. You have to take it In moderation and it will be good for your skin. This is because it boosts flavonol, which reduce roughness in the skin and protect against sunrays.


I have never been a fan of tomatoes, but I’m now jumping ship since I know they are good for my skin. Tomatoes are full of lycopene, a phytochemical that provides red pigment. Lycopene helps eliminate skin-aging free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays. The good thing about tomatoes is you don’t have to eat them all on their own. You can just add them to your sandwiches and salads and you’re good to go.


Any health-buff knows yogurt is a must-have in your diet. The PH value of yogrut is good for bacteria in your body and has added value on your skin. It conteins protein which keeps skin firm and makes you look younger and healthier at all times. The best type of yogurt is the plain yogurt. You can enjoy it as is, or add some fruits and get healthy skin.


Fish is good for you, particularly salmon. It might not always taste good (depending on how it’s cooked) but it’s definitely something you need to be eating.The reason behind this is it is rich in omega- 3fats which hydrate your skin. Eating salmon will also reduce inflammation and protect your skin from acne and wrinkle formation.


Spinach is packed with nutrients, minerals and vitamins that are healthy in many ways. It has antioxidants that are rich in fighting numerous kinds of skin issues. The vitamin A in spinach has antioxidant activity. It keeps your skin cells healthy and repairs wounds. Vitamin C is another antioxidant in spinach that works to repair skin cells and keep your skin looking beautiful. The next time you’re looking for some greens to accompany your meal, spinach should be at the top of your list. You can eat it raw, make smoothies with it or add to your salads.

These are just a few foods you should try out. Reducing your oil intake and adding more fruits and water will also help you get better skin. Always remember to use sunblock as well which will make the benefits gotten from eating these food so much more enjoyable.

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