Saturday 18th October saw the second edition of Sondeka Festival kick off. The event is an art oriented event organized by the Creatives Garage. It’s an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the creative industry and also enjoy a good time with your friends and family. The festival ran from the 18th of October and closed on Monday 20th October
The first evening was all about the launch and good music. Santuri Safari DJs were on hand and kept people feeling good and dancing as they anticipated the events and exhibitions lined-up the next day.

The festival was an eye-opener as it showed that the creative industry is underrated and has so much to offer. There was something for everyone who attended, be it the kids or adults. It showed that the creative industry is not just about simple art or music, that fashion and technology are also part of the group.

Creaitves Garage seemed to have noticed that a creative mind needs to unwind and relax. They provide entertainment throughout the festival through DJs or live performances. They also had a dancing session where Sarakasi dancers taught the audience a few moves. For those who love exercising a Zumba session was organized and it got everybody worked up and ready to face the day.

There was plenty of trinkets to buy, particularly for the ladies. Shoes redone with kitengee fabric and earrings form the same were the trend. Every designer/creator had added a touch of their own personal style to each, making you feel torn about what design to do. There was no lack of things to marvel over and purchase throughout the festival.
Performances were in such a way the you could feel soothed and relaxed while still getting umped up for a good time. The melodious voices from Lele Ngoma, Heart the Band and Them Mushrooms (who were just a few of the performers) was enough to make you give the festival a thumbs up. Two staes had been set up on different ends of the field allowing for artists to entertain throughout without clashing or having a dull moment.

The few workshops held were an experience as attendees got tips on how to embrace and unleash their inner creatives. Each exhibiton was a chance to glimpse into the mind and emotions of the creative and perhaps appreciate and encourage them to reveal more of their work.

The festival came to a draw with many having a heavy heart as they felt it should have gone on longer. The evening was culminated with some good music with a great performance from Sarabi. It was 2days of fantastic music and great company, a fete that many will wish could come sooner as they await the next festival which should be in a year’s time.

If you missed out on the event, you can get a glimpse of it through the pictures here.