It’s that time of the year where we all shift focus to appreciating the arts industry. The arts industry is not given as much attention as it deserves. There is a lot of great talent that is being pushed ot the sidelines or not being recognized. Those in the industry have not been deterred by this fact, thay are still working hard to curve out a niche and improve their situation. Industries such as music, film and visual art have led the way in making a name for Kenya globally and it was about time we began celebrating the creative arts at home.

This is where Sondeka Festival comes in to the picture. The festival is East Africa’s and Kenya’s first creative festival focused on celebrating creatives in the country. This year marks the second edition of the festival and it will be held at the Ngong Racecourse during the Mashujaa weekend (18th-20th October) and promises a lot of fun filled activities and incredible performances.

We shall be part of the festival and are hoping you will join us. We shall hold workshops in the following areas:

Photo blogging – we will take you through what it means to be a photo blogger and share tips on how to enhance your photography business and skills through blogging

Video blogging – This workshop will be a session dedicated to addressing the issue of rising video content in blogging. We will help you understand why videos are as important in blogging as text is.

Meme generation – Memes are a huge part of blogging. We will help you learn how to make you own memes and understand the right way of using them in your blog.

The line up include Kenyan acts like Sarabi, H_ART the Band, Checkmate Mido, Dj D Lite, Dira the Band, Dove Slimm, Parking Lot Grass, among many others. Them Mushrooms, will also be making a return to the stage and we recommend you make time to come watch them..

The other main activity will be the competition between teams of creatives who will be working to create a master piece in 48 hours. There will be a group of painters, another of visual artists and one with fashion designers.

Machukjaa weekend will be a fun family affair at the Sondeka Festival and we look forward to seeing you there.

Tickets can be bought on Ticketsasa here.