Idd Salim;

“You had to know him to know him.”

“Our paths crossed back in ’97 as rabbles at Starehe Boys Center. Razor sharp wit and going for the jugular on the written word endeared him and his blog – Thus Spaketh to thousands, yet a super chilled out guy in spoken word, a perfect ying and yang – Mbugua Njihia

He was a father, a son, a brother and a friend. To some he was a controversial Twitter bigwig, to others he was a mentor and a coder. To us he was a friend and one of the founding members of BAKE.

A year ago (on September 25th 2013,) news that Idd Salim was no more hit most of us hard. As people tweeted about it, others thought it was all a joke. Most of us would rather have had it be a bad joke and not reality. Sadly, it was true, we had lost of one of the greatest minds of this generation.

“What I remember about Idd is that he passionate about coding, blogging and how much he loved his daughters. I will miss his outrageous statements on social media. I was surprised the first time I met him in person. Online he was so outgoing but in person he didn’t talk much. “- Potentash

When it came to code, Idd was among the best.He dealt with code like it was an art, a poetry piece to recite to a loved one. His dedication to it made those of us who knew nothing about code want to try it out.

“ I have known many coders in my life but Idd took it to a different level. For him coding in many ways was like a game. He enjoyed doing it and was never the kind, to hide the fact that he was good at it. His passion and drive to create something new using a computer was unmatched.” Kennedy Kachwanya

“Idd taught me hard work. He could work, pray, work and pray again through the night. He pitied peers who’d spend nights streaming TV shows and movies. He taught me to go an extra mile.” – Sam Wakoba

When it came to blogging; he was the guy who made you think long and hard about your content. He coined the term “Pussy Blogger” he never backed down, and expected all bloggers to never do so. He stood for the truth in his blog and set an example for others to follow in this regard.

“Idd was a geek who always spoke his mind and knew what he was saying. He particularly knew how to express his thoughts in writing. His blogs said it all.” Kenyatweets

It’s been a year and a gap is still waiting to be filled. It will be a hard task to do so, one no one is eager to take on at the moment. We remember the great man that he was and pray for his soul to rest in eternal peace.

“Salim was one person who had his destiny in his hands with a promise of a great future”- Martin Gicheru