Sondeka Festival is just around the corner and Creatives Garage is set to make the official launch this weekend. You can get to be part of the launch by taking part in an online challenge.

So imagine you’re late for school and meet the teacher on duty at the gate. There are five of you and it’s easier to have one excuse to escape corporal punishment so you start to create a story out of nothing. The first person offers the beginning and you each pick it up from there to create one epic adventure that leaves your teacher in awe and gains you the great escape from six of the best. That is just part of what Sondeka is all about. Making awesomeness out of nothing.

Pick a team of five and a random hashtag on twitter, then choose your roster and write a story. When one has exhausted his/her tweet they are to tag the next person to write the next part of the story. Remember to include the hashtag when you tag the next person

Each story will be tracked and the team behind Sondeka Fest will pick a lucky team and give them a chance to join them for the launch which is this Saturday, 27th September at Quinns on Ngong Road.

Are you in? Can you write a story one tweet at a time? If so, send Aziz Mola an email on to get signed up, gather your teammates and get tweeting.