For the last couple of months, the cold bug has been doing the rounds due to the sudden changes in the weather. Whenever it gets to me though, I usually turn to the herbal option. I usually make a lemon/honey/ginger concoction. I love the taste of lemon. In fact, I sometimes drink lemon water in the mornings before taking breakfast to help jumpstart my day.

Lemons are known to add flavour and taste to food but that is not all that these citrus fruits can do. Lemons are that multipurpose ingredient we all need in our homes or offices even though we probably never notice it.
Lemons are great odour killers and can therefore be used to prepare homemade air fresheners which are not only cost effective but also healthier. Unlike industrial air fresheners, homemade air fresheners give you the benefit of deciding what ingredients to use therefore avoiding harmful unknown chemicals and curbing allergic reactions that could come from the same.

It’s a handy trick knowing how to make your own air freshener. There are a couple of ways to prepare air fresheners using lemons but the two in this article are the easiest and most convenient.
For The first method you will need; one (1) lemon, two (2) teaspoons of baking soda and two (2) cups of hot water.
Squeeze the lemon into a container and scoop out the seeds from the juice. Mix the lemon juice, baking soda and hot water and pour this mixture into a spraying bottle. Shake it
thoroughly until it is well mixed then spray it in desired areas.

The second method is equally easy. You will need one lemon, two to three branches of rosemary, a drop or two of vanilla essence and two cups of water. Slice the lemon and put the slices in a pan and put to heat together with the rosemary, vanilla essence and water. Let them simmer for a while then open the lid and let the vapour into the air.This is especially good for killing strong smells of food in the kitchen.

Another idea on how to kill smells in the kitchen is to put lemon rinds in your kitchen dustbin to kill smells from the rest of the dirt. Your fridge could also benefit from lemons. Just dip a sponge or cotton wool in some lemon juice and leave it in the fridge for a few hours and it will be left with a fresh smell.

Go on and enjoy these aromatic, allergy free methods of making your home smell fresh and clean.