Sometimes the motivation to write is lacking. You have a deadline to beat but you just can’t seem to be able to concentrate and come up with anything. Some people will call it writer’s block others will call it being lazy. Giving it a name only matters if you can get out of that mind funk and write.

Here a few tips on how to write when it seems impossible.

Listen to music

Music can help you block out conversation around you and concentrate on your work. Plug in your headphones, put on some music that relaxes yiu and let it inspire you to travel into your writing zone. You will be surprised to find yourself writing a lot when you listen to music. Try noise-canceling headphones to eliminate even more outside interference.

Turn off your phone

Yes, you need to shut down your phone. I know it seems hard and like a harsh thing to do for mmost people who happen to be phone addicts but it’s worth it. You need to concentrate and all those texts, whatsapp messages and phonecalls will not help you do it. If you must produce an article, shut off your phone for a while.

Close all doors and windows

It doesn’t matter if you work at home or the office, shutting doors and windows can be helpful. It will help you keep out distractions and keep them out of your head. You get to ignore movement outside and concentrate on what’s in front of you. Most people will also avoid coming into the room if there’s a locked door meaning you can work uninterrupted.

Turn off the internet

In this day and age where most people are addicted to social media, social media can be a distraction from working. The only solution to this is turning off the internet. Ignore the funny conversations and memes and work on your writing. The only thing that should be on when you’re working on your computer is Microsoft Word (or any software you use to write). Once the article is done, you can reward yourself with a long internet session for working so hard.

Work at your desk

It’s always a good idea to make yourself work at a desk when writing. Getting your computer and working from the couch or bed can make you too relaxed to work through everything. Being at a desk will force you to maintain good posture (if you have the right chair that is) and in most cases you only have walls around you and won’t get distracted. Being at a desk also motivates you to work faster so you can get away and go relax much faster.

Work in chunks of time

Writing for long periods of time can be hard and part of the problem. Time out your writing sessions into small chunks of time. It will help you keep track of time and tackle the most important part of your writing as you go along. The chunks of time could be a way to beat deadlines and you concentrate on one article at a time. You can set aside 1hour for each work that needs to be done.

Hopefully these tips will make writing so much easier for you. Try them out and see yourself produce more content even when you feel a little uninspired.

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