african content award
Are you an app developer? Do you know someone who is?

We came across something we thought might interest you: the African Content Award. The African Content Award promotes and recognizes creativity in Africa and is to encourage collaboration among African countries. It will reward Best Practices in mobile Content and social entrepreneurship from Africa.

The mobile broadband penetration in Africa is expected to reach 20% this year – compared to 2% in 2010 (source ITU). In some African countries more people have a mobile phone than access to clean water, electricity or a bank account. Mobile technologies have changed the business conditions and ways of living in Africa and offer new chances.

Everyday a developer comes up with an app. In most cases it is one that will benefit society and improve someone’s life. This is what the African content award will focus on. The objective is to find out best practices in mobile content that have an impact on society and serve local communities.

Submissions are still ongoing and the deadline to submit your entry is on 30th July.

You can get more information on it and how to submit on their website