Nyeri T
Since the beginning of the year, BAKE has embarked on a mission to grow the Kenyan blogosphere. Our aim is to educate and empower as many online content creators as possible. To do this, training sessions have been held centered on different topics.

In the month of June, BAKE shall take blogging outside Nairobi. This will be done by having training in Nyeri Town. The training session will be held on Saturday 28th June from 9am-2pm. The venue will be at the Batian Hotel, along Gakere road, next to Kamukunji stadium.

The training will focus on these key areas:

* Blogging Basics – The trainers will go through blogging 101 and give you some tips to help you get your blog up and running. You will get hands on skills from them.

* Presentations by renown Kenyan bloggers – A select group of Kenyan bloggers will take you through their blogging journey to help you understand what ti takes to be successful in blogging.

* What is Social Media – Social media and blogging go hand in hand. We will give you in depth knowledge to help you understand social media as well as it’s relationship to blogging.

* Increasing your online readership – You will get advice on how to draw an online audience and keep them interested in your work

* Opportunities available in Blogging? & Social Media

You are encouraged to bring a Laptop with you for the Hands on Training session.

Free WiFi Internet shall be provided.

Entrance to the training is FREE.

Spread the word to all your friends and relatives!