bankelele.co.ke is a business blog that has won the Best Business blog twice; in 2012 and 2014. We talked to Bankelele Limo about the blog and this is what he had to say.

I am a former banker, now finance manager who’s been blogging for about 10 years now. The blog was inspired by my attending a Kenya Airways annual general meeting that had a lot of small stories that were not covered in the usual press story of “shareholders approve dividend”

1.       How does it feel to have won the Best Business blog in the Kenyan Blog Awards 2014?

Feels like a great honour, and I appreciate the great prizes too. But I worry that the business category may not be around for more than a few years as they are few biz. bloggers and the good biz. writers have other avenues for biz. content

2.       What are your thoughts on the Kenyan Blog Awards?

Great show, gets better than ever. I went through all the selected nominees before I voted and discovered several excellent blogs that I was not aware of, but which I now follow daily

3.       Who/what is your motivation to blog?

It is still my personal diary of financial events of interest. I constantly have to check back for things I blogged about or tweeted, many months, or years, ago.

4.       What should people expect from your blog in future?

Probably less event posts. Corporate blogging has come of age, and bloggers are now on par with media houses in terms of access – but sadly there are often too many invites to juggle.

5.       What are your top 3 Kenyan blogs and why?

Biko Zulu – astounding creative writer. He will be a world famous author one day and I’m glad to know him as a friend

I wrote a few months ago about people who are great writers, but who no longer blog – and I can name names now, without fear – some are @milonare @kenyanpundit @archermishale @mkaigwa @afromusing @mnjonjo @kkaaria

6.   What advice would you give to upcoming bloggers?

Persevere, perfect, and improve you posts. You want to be proud of what you write, because, as Patrick Meier wrote, remember that  “your blog is your CV, and twitter is your business card”