Best Political Blog or La revolutinare  is a political blog run by Ndungu Njeru. The blog uses comprehensive analysis of politics in the country. Each post is given relevance to everyday life. There are categories for analysis, governance and development in the blog. It also touches on world news and what’s going on in campus politics. is a blog run by Ken Opalo who is a Political Science student. The blog is called an African perspective. Despite being based in Nairobi, the main region of focus is eastern and southern Africa. The blog uses a personalised first person narrative in some cases with generalisation i others. Photos mainly consist of cartoon characters or graphs to pass the message of a post across. is run by Michael Onsando and Brenda Wambui. On the blog, you will find long, thought out, articles. From complex questions about the education system to, seemingly, trivial things like our new found fascination with crocs. Brainstorm takes a critical look at issues in their posts.

This blog is run by Shitemi Khamadi. He takes a look into devolution matters and gives opinion pieces on each issue arising around it. Aside from devolution matters, he also dabbles in general politics by giving comprehensive analysis when about issues in the public domain. The posts are mostly comprehensive and in-depth looks at issues with a few being an analysis of a decision made.