On Saturday 22nd March,BAKE in partnership with the creatives Academy held a training at Daystar, Valley Road campus. THe training was done to help people understand more about blogging and what the process entails. Robert Kunga, Harriet Ocharo and David Mugo carried out the training.

Here is a summary of what can be learnt from the training.

When you start a blog, one thing you need to do is realize it’s a business. This were words from all the trainers. You have to be willing to invest in it and spend money to amke money from your blog. Once you have realised it is a business and run it as one, there are 3 things to keep in mind to make it successful. Be committed, have quality content and be consistent in content generating.

Content is a very important aspect of your blog. If you have no content, you will get no audience and in turn no one will pay to advertise on your blog. Think of what you are good at and share that content.  Keep your posts short to draw more attention to it and keep readers’ attention. Don’t limit yourself to current affairs. Write whatever comes to mind. The good thing about great content is that even months down the line, someone may go back, read it and make it relevant once again.

Engagement in your blog is key. Once a post is up, and you get people interested in it, engage them. Answer their question, thank them for feedback. Your audience matters. Learn what they need to read about and cater to them. If you have a large audience, advertisers will come to you. The best way to know and understand your audience is to engage them.