Nendo  has released the inaugural social media trend report. The report builds on the learnings from East Africa’s most active Twitter city and the social media landscape to present predictions for 2014-2015. These predictions draw on lessons learnt through the March 2013 General Elections, The Westgate Mall Attack and Kenya at 50 discussions into account.

The report is a way for Nendo to  tell the story highlighting how social media applies to your life as a brand, company and an individual. There are three main areas it touches on:

The Rise and Rise of Whatsapp

The report states that 2014/15 will be the year Whatsapp changes the media. It will change how companies practice Customer service, and impact business and traditional media.

It is expected that the actual business of communication will be changed. Businesses will have more interaction and it will result in it being used as a feedback platform.

Chase Bank is an example of a company slowly embracing this. In February, they launched a dedicated Whatsapp channel.

Age of Social TV

The age of the second-screen is here. Even as the switch to digital looms, the connected audience are transforming television and radio.

Think of the Tujuane show, it has completely changed how we view TV. The show has resulted in 9200 tweets per episode. This is referred to as the “Tujuane Syndrome” it influences content online by the general audience of the show.

Social me-devolution

What does social media governance look like when devolved to 47 counties?

Each county has links to the diaspora. The people in the diaspora would be considered to be the 5th largest county. More people are gong digital in controlling how the counties are run.

Each county needs links to the diaspora. 3mill in diaspora are considered the 5th largest county in a way.

The report also highlights 15 further trends to expect in the coming year. Download and view the full report through this link report.nendo.co.ke