Blogging is undeniably one of the most effective tolls of promoting brands and services. But creating a blog is not enough, you have to go an extra mile to promote the created blog.

Promoting your blog online means making sure that more people are aware of it. It means gaining more readers and customers moving forward. This takes time and patience but it’s worth the effort of done effectively.

Here a few steps that will help you raise awareness about  your blog.

Social Media

social media

Social media is a powerful tool It’s where most people hang put today, regardless of where they are.

The power of social media should be utilized as often as possible. This is where most people hang out today whether in their homes, offices or in other locations.

To promote your blog, post a status update on your personal accounts or business pages and let everyone know that you have a blog. Put up interesting and relevant content and share it on your various social media pages regularly.

Blog Listing Sites

You should submit your blog on a blog listing site. Follow their guidelines when doing so to avoid missing out on the opportunity to create awareness of the blog. The BAKE aggregation website is one great listing site that tracks your content and will allow anyone visit the site to see your posts.

Guest Posts

Take time to write guest posts for other blogs in the same niche as yours. This will give you credibility and people will then look for more of your work. Have a link to your work on the post to direct people to your blog.

Engagement with your audience is the key to promoting your blog. Get involved in conversations. talk about your blog. Do relevant posts and share them with people who discuss the issue you wrote about. Give yourself and your blog credibility online.