Buying gifts for men on any occasion is hard enough, but Valentine’s Day really takes the cake. It’s a fact that men are difficult to shop for, women need all the help them can get to figure out what to get their boyfriends or husbands for valentine’s day.

It also doesn’t help that valentine’s day is tailored for men. All shops you walk into will have the perfect gift; but for women. Valentine’s day is in 3 days and ladies are probably running about trying to nail down the perfect gift. I scoured the internet and put together some great gift ideas that will make this Valentine’s day that special guy in your life will remember.


Men love electronics. You can not go wrong with an electronic gift. Get him an iPod or a Play Station and you’re good to go. Electronics and gadgets are a sure way to get him to floss sabot you to his friends. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that it shouldn’t cost all the money in your account. Also let tit be something he has an interest in.

Night Out

You’ve been in a relationship for a while and go out together all the time and most times the plan is something suggested by the lady. This Valentine’s day give him a night out with the boys. Get him tickets to an event going down this weekend or plan to have  his friends take him for a night out at his favourite club. He will love a chance to do something he loves especially if you plan it for him.


Jewellery is not only reserved for the ladies. Men also love having a few accessories that stand out when they get dressed. Get your man a classy watch that will blend in well with most of his outfits. You could also get him a rustic ring that will make a statement but not bee too weird to see on a guy’s hands. You could also get him some stylish cufflinks. He will think of you and Valentine’s day every time he has to get dressed for work and uses them.

Valentine’s day is a chance to show you appreciate your partner. Don’t let it be all about the guy taking out the guy. Make an effort and get him a gift as well.

Guys, what other gifts would you want to receive this Valentine’s day?