When you start blogging, it’s important to know what type of blogger you are. This will help you write something productive and help you focus so that everything you write and post serves a purpose. If you’re unsure of what type of blogger you are it’s possible that you end up writing something that won’t yield results.

Niche blogger

This blogger creates a niche site- somewhere you can get expert opinions from. Are you an expert on something? Do you know a lot that your friends come to you for answers? If you happen to be th go-to person on certain matters, then this category describes you.

You can blog about anything and make a killing out of it. The good thing about being a niche blogger is it’s easy to create content since you are very familiar with the topic. The best thing about it is you use something you’re passionate about. It won’t even feel like work.

Freelance blogger

You can be a freelance blogger if you are good at research. Or if you have an insatiable curiosity and are willing to learn new things and talk about it.

Freelance bloggers work with clients–businesses and individuals–who need help with creating content for their blogs. They either ghost blog or have their own byline. As a freelance blogger you will write about different topics so be ready to learn new things.

Business blogger

A business blogger produces high-quality content to support his/her business. Posts may cover a range of topics, but all will relate to whatever business they own.

Business bloggers have to produce high quality content because they are catering not just to customers but also to suppliers and other businesses. Business blogging has a lot to do with maintaining a good reputation so it’s critical that you are updated with the latest industry news. This is partly why business bloggers will produce some of the best content on the web.

Journal blogger

Sometimes you are only running a blog concerned with chronicling your daily adventures and sharing them with an audience than making a profit. This makes you a journal blogger.

This type of blogger is all about sharing personal experiences that readers will enjoy and learn from. You can improve your writing skills this way but it’s not a very profitable way of blogging. Your blog is primarily a hobby and a place to have fun. You see readers as potential new friends, not potential customers.

Affiliate blogger

The affiliate blogger can be referred to as the product promoter. They have a product that they want to sell to you and will market it on their blogs.

Affiliate marketing can be very profitable if you do it right. In some ways, it is similar to niche blogging because you’re promoting a product by providing useful content to readers. You have to really get to know the product you are promoting and produce high quality content.

Many bloggers will fit into more than one of these categories. Sometimes what you do will overlap in several categories. You should try and find out where you best suit, it will make blogging easier for you. You will be able to hone your writing style in a creative way to suit you and your audience. It will also help people know what topics best suit you and can refer you in case businesses want to use your expertise in any wY. You will become a credible source once people identify what type of blogger you are as your information will always be accurate, factual and reliable

So what type of blogger are you? Do you know of any other categories that can describe what type of blogger you are?